Royce Almeida – Mumbai

I experienced that a lot of my roadblocks moved post Name Therapy©. My negativity with respect to my own self-image reduced. People started responding to me with more respect post Name Therapy© across my work space, family and friends and growing in my job and personal life became easier for me.

The scientific approach in Name Therapy© convinced me to take it up. I recommend that people should experience it once it their life.

Hardeep Arora Chandok, Make Up Artist – Mumbai

After taking Name Therapy© session I experienced the following

Being an upcoming make-up artist, I experienced a lot of struggle, nobody used to recognise me. On Soniyaa’s advise, I completed my Name Therapy. Within one month I gradually saw offers for new work coming my way.

I began to build more and more contacts and today I work with bigger designer houses for their models and shoots. The process was simple and I recommend people to go for it. I found the idea of how of our names get their energy from our organs to be very scientific.

It was an amazing experience.

Aditya Darad – Independent Consultant, Bangalore

After taking Name Therapy© session I experienced that my Name began to be associated with positive things that I had done. My Name was respected and I found appreciation across work. Name Therapy came to me at a time when I was looking at quitting my job and starting my own consultancy. I started getting projects for my company as soon as I quit and I was able to get projects easily. It was smooth transition and I feel I don’t struggle any more at work.

The good thing about Name Therapy© is I don’t need to change my name.

Affirmative Media & Branding & Events Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai

We can confidently say after taking Name Therapy© a lot of alternative channels opened up for Affirmative. A lot of new and old clients came back with a lot of enquiries. Besides, even vendors started providing us with references for new clients. This new base of clients and exposure to more people helped us set up a new division Affirmative Academy which is a holistic healing solutions provider and a dream come true.

Sumitra Poojary, House Wife – Mumbai

Soniyaa had told me about Name Therapy© and what role it plays. I told her to do it for me. Little irritating tiffs in the between friends and family started reducing. Actually, the environment in my house became more peaceful. It was easier for me to get what I wanted and I felt as if I became more important for my friends, family and my relatives in my native place.