Step 1: Sign-up and Consultation

Once you have subscribed to Name Therapy©, a licensed Name Therapy Synergist©  will get in touch with you and carry out a detailed telephonic or face to face discussion where all your goals and roadblocks in achieving them will be discussed in depth.

Post the discussion, the Synergist will take you what changes you can expect from Name Therapy©  and if anything else will be required beyond Name Therapy©  for you achieve your desired goals.

Sharing detailed information with the Synergist is key. Information like Complete Names, Nicknames, Old and New Names, Changed Names, Misspelt Names etc. along with a photo ID will be required during this process.

Step 2: Name Therapy© Completion

Based on the discussion and information, a detailed analysis will be performed identifying the gaps in the names and how to bridge them. A detailed report is generated of the analysis along with the steps and remedies to heal the name.

Finally, the Name Therapy© can be completed by your Licensed Name Therapy Synergist© or Name Therapy© kit can also be sent over to you with all the steps mentioned so you can complete the process yourself.

Step 3: Name Therapy© Certificate

Once the therapy is complete we map how well the new energies have integrated with the name. If the Name shows to be healed in our analysis, then we issue a completion certificate. And if it does not show to be healed, we bridge this gap for you and then issue a certificate. The certificate is generally issued after a week of the Name Therapy©  completion to ensure complete integration.

Step 4: Post Therapy Consultation

The raised vibrations takes about 2 weeks to a month to integrate. Post two weeks, your Name Therapy Synergist© will conduct one hour’s consultation with you, wherein we analyse the changes you have been able to observe post the Therapy and if anything more would be required to help you better.

Step 5: Final Consultation

In this consultation, we discuss all the changes that have occurred post the Therapy and if there is anything beyond the therapy that can help the person to achieve more. The final consultation typically occurs after 45 days of Name Therapy© completion.